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Micro LED Display

LC Square is a specialized company in micro LED display core components and technology.

Our True Passion

LC SQUARE specializes in the core technology for and products utilizing microLED displays and works with world-class microLED experts to provide you with innovative high-value technology for your success.

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LC SQUARE is in possession of core technologies required for display manufacturing such as Micro LED separation, mass transfer, and bonding.

  • Damage-free Micro LED Separation Technology
  • Laser-Induced Forward Transfer Technology
  • RGB Micro LED Interposer Technology
  • Micro LED Bonding Technology

News & Release

2020.06.23 in News

[Visit to Promising Company for Material/Part/Equipment] LC SQUARE leads the commercialization of Micro LED by securing interposer technology.

Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, Samsung Display, and LG Display are leading the world semiconductor/display market. However, in case of material/part/equipment, their overseas dependence is pretty high. This issue has been…

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2019.08.10 in News

Korea University Holdings Invests in LC SQUARE

MicroLED display-related startup LC SQUARE has successfully attracted investment from Korea University Holdings. Korea University Holdings has selected LC SQUARE for the Tech Incubator Program for Startup Korea (TIPS), a…

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2019.07.26 in News

LC SQUARE Nominated by TIPS Program

MicroLED display-related startup LC SQUARE has been selected by the Tech Incubator Program for Startup Korea (TIPS), a program managed by the Ministry of SMEs and Start ups. This is…

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