Welcome to LC SQUARE.
I am Hyojong Lee, Chief Executive Officer of LC SQUARE.

LC SQUARE specializes in the core technology for and products utilizing microLED displays and works with world-class microLED experts to provide you with innovative high-value technology for your success.

For the past several years, the display market has been experiencing rapid technological innovations.
In particular, microLED technology has been emerging as one of the up-and-coming technologies crucial to the next generation of display technology. We expect remarkable market growth for products which utilize microLED technology.

We promise you that LC SQUARE will be at the forefront of the next generation’s microLED technological innovation and commercialization through continuous research and development of microLED process technology and mass transfer technology.

LC SQUARE will seek to satisfy our customers through creative applications of microLED technology and comprehensive solutions to their needs. We hope you will support us as we challenge marketplace conventions.

CEO  Hyojong Lee