Recruitment Information

Recruitment Procedure

Period and Method of Reception
– Reception Period : Always
– Reception Method : Complete and submit an online recruitment application on the employment information page

1) Application Phase
Based on the submitted application for employment, evaluation of job suitability and career/qualification of applicants

2) Interview Phase
Primary interview (Interview by practical workers) : Organized by team leader-level interviewers
Second interview (Interview by executives) : Organized by executive-level interviewers

3) Final Acceptance
Final accepted applicants will be notified individually by electronic mail, wired, etc.


  • Major Insurance Systems: Support health insurance, pension, employment insurance and disaster insurance.
  • Health Check Support: Regular health check was given for the healthy life of the workers.
  • Food Expenses Support: Provide workers’ food expenses.
  • Congratulations and Condolences Support: When employees and their families have congratulations and condolences, provide expenses and paid leave.
  • Reward for Long-term Worker: Encouragement money for years of service will be paid for long-term workers.
  • Other Gift Support: Small gift will be given on employees’ birthdays, New Year’s Day, and Chuseok.